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2016 COP Meeting
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Council Of President

Welcome COPs.

Elected by the members of each club or organization, the legislative body is the rules and policies maker. The COP maintains oversight responsibility over the activities of the Executive Council.

In 2016 Mr. Martin Idemudia was elected as the Chairman, Council of President, Edo National Association Worldwide.

COP Nature and Function

The Council of Presidents (COP) serve as the Board of Directors of the corporation and shall be made up of presidents of all member organizations.


Only persons who are the Presidents of qualifying member organizations or their designees are eligible to serve on the COP.

COP Term of Office and Appointment

Members of the COP shall serve a term of one (1) year. A member of the COP may serve successive terms, so long as he/she is the legitimate President of a qualifying member organization.

The role of the COP includes:

  • Carry out legislative and oversight functions and responsibilities for the corporation
  • Set goals and formulate organizational policies for the corporation
  • Responsible for the selection and removal of members of the Executive Council and the Board of Advisors of the corporation
  • Serve as the judiciary and disciplinary committee of the corporation
  • Mediate or otherwise resolve disputes between a member and the corporation or between members of a member organization that may affect the corporation