ENAW Park View

ENAW International
Amusement Park

ENAW is poised to support the state development by
designing and establishing a brand new park solely
or in partnership with other committed stakeholders
who share the same vision.

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ENAW Medical Mission

The medical mission is part of larger ENAW Health improvement initiative in Edo State.

The mission is to provide access to medical care in our underserved and vulnerable communities around the State, to improve the health, wellness, medical relief and quality of life of those mostly in need.

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ENAW 25TH National Convention
Houston, Texas

September 2nd to September 5th, 2016
(Starts Friday, End Monday Morning)


Nature and Function

The Board of Advisors shall function only in advisory capacity to provide guidance, consultation, assistance and support for the association to fulfill its mission and stated objectives by working closely with members of the COP and the Executive Council.

Members of the BOA may not be less than five (5) and shall elect its own Chairperson. The role of the board shall be solely advisory and consultative in nature, except to the extent other responsibilities are delegated to the board by the governing body of the association. The Board of Advisors may also work with the COP, Executive Council, and member organizations to settle disputes. In no case shall the Board of Advisor have any authority to exercise direct control over operational and legislative functions of the Executive Council and the Council of Presidents.

Individuals selected to the Board shall serve a four-year term and may be eligible for re-election. A member of the COP shall not serve as a member of the Board of Advisors concurrently.

Duties of Board of Advisors

  • Advise the COP and the Executive Council on matters about organizational polices and activities of the ENAW
  • Advise the COP and the Executive Council on why it is necessary to consistently adhere to the provisions of the constitution
  • Explore and recommend ways to enhance interest and involvement of all Edo people in the Diaspora in the ENAW
  • Serve in an advocacy role on behalf of the ENAW before the general public
  • Assist to mediate and resolve disputes involving the ENAW, member organizations, COP members, and members of the Executive Council

BOA Qualifications

Membership of the Board of Advisors is open to Edo indigenes and friends of Edo State people.

Members of the Board of Advisors are to be selected by the COP from the pool of nominated candidates with profound influence in the society, demonstrable experience, and proven success in their chosen careers such as education, politics, public service, military, law, medicine, business, etc.