ENAW Park View

ENAW International
Amusement Park

ENAW is poised to support the state development by
designing and establishing a brand new park solely
or in partnership with other committed stakeholders
who share the same vision.

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ENAW Medical Mission

The medical mission is part of larger ENAW Health improvement initiative in Edo State.

The mission is to provide access to medical care in our underserved and vulnerable communities around the State, to improve the health, wellness, medical relief and quality of life of those mostly in need.

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ENAW 25TH National Convention
Houston, Texas

September 2nd to September 5th, 2016
(Starts Friday, End Monday Morning)


ENAW is an umbrella organization for Edo State clubs and organizations in the Diaspora. The membership of the organization comprises of clubs, groups or organizations and individual. A “Member” means a member organization or club.

Membership of ENAW is open to all Edo State citizens through membership in Edo State community organizations or clubs. Members of the general public are also welcome to affiliate with ENAW through becoming partners, sponsors, patrons and supporters. ENAW therefore invites all to partner with it in the achievement of the set objectives.

Membership Organization:

A member organization is an Edo State organization that has been duly admitted for membership to ENAW. A member organization must be an Edo State Organization having seven (7) or more members pursuant to the existence of a valid Constitution of that organization. The member organization Constitution shall not conflict with the mission, values and principles of ENAW. Individual members of a member organization are members of ENAW.

To become a member, complete an online application form or download the physical form (PDF).

Application Fees

One-time non-refundable application fee of $350.00

Honorary Member

An membership may be conferred upon a non-Edo State individual or group. This honor is based on outstanding moral character, wisdom, integrity, reputation, contributions and continued support for ENAW mission, values and principles. For more information on honorary membership, please contact us

Convention 2016

We at Edo National Association Worldwide (ENAW) will be honored to have you grace our 25th annual convention as a guest.  This year’s convention will be hosted by Bini Club of Houston, Texas, from Friday September 2nd, througd, through Sunday September 4th, 2016 at the Houston Marriott Westchase Hotel, 2900 Briar Park Dr. Houston TX 77042.

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