About Edo National Association Worldwide

Who We Are

ENAW is structured as a 501c3 charitable organization with a scope covering a platform for charitable and community-based activities. ENAW is governed by a diverse Council of Presidents with input from an Executive Council and a Board of Advisors. The Council of Presidents consists of representatives from member clubs and organizations. All organization business is governed by an approved Constitution

The Edo National Association Worldwide, ENAW, recognizes and acknowledged that the Edos in the Diaspora have significant contributions to make to the development of Edo State and toward the restoration and improvement of quality of life in the State. With that in mind.

Our Mission

Our top mission is to promote unity, patriotism and solidarity among all people of Edo origin Worldwide.

Our Vision

  • Promote unity, patriotism and solidarity among all people of Edo origin Worldwide
  • Build a healthy and vibrant community of Edo people Worldwide
  • Develop and implement proposals geared toward the development of Edo State
  • Protect and promote Edo State Languages, culture and heritage
  • Encourage active participation in lawful activities that will enhance the economic and social well being of Edo people Worldwide
  • Promote discipline, honesty, integrity and self-reliance among all Edos Worldwide
  • Work diligently for the education and advancement of all Edo children Worldwide

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