Our Projects

Our Projects

Since its inception, the long term objective of ENAW has been on development and education of the mind and spirit while providing the resources necessary. ENAW designs and executes programs that supports and promotes our cultural heritage, improves and educate the diaspora on local economic opportunities and growth.

Furthermore, ENAW believes that a well-developed and properly executed program will provide long term solutions to most of the challenges faced by Edo State citizens. As the only recognized organization for Edo state indigenes, ENAW is open to partnership with legitimate organizations that share our vision and passion for these programs. This organization has been very successful in developing, implementing and sustaining some programs across Edo State and in the Diaspora.

A couple of years ago, ENAW developed a series of short and long term goals to meet our mission. The goals include the following:

  • Develop and implement medical and health awareness programs—using all available communication tools to reach the target groups;
  • Partner with professional associations and other NGOs to provide high blood pressure awareness and maintenance to the needy in Edo State;
  • Improve access for marginalized groups such as the women, the poor and the young;
  • Provide awareness and educational information on sex trafficking;
  • Establish a skills acquisition center for victims of human trafficking to reduce recidivism. Training center will also be used to provide training and awareness to prevent young girls from falling victims to traffickers;
  • Partner with professional associations, NGOs and governmental organizations to provide basic immunization vaccine to 1,000 children in Edo State. The children would receive all three doses of vaccinations against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus;
  • Partner with professional associations, NGOs and governmental organizations to provide long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to needed areas of Edo State;
  • Develop and implement a robust Health Information Systems for health/medical statistics; Build a healthcare center in a need zone

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