Annual Conventions

Annual Conventions

ENAW recognizes and acknowledged that the Edos in the Diaspora have significant contributions to make to the development of Edo State and toward the restoration and improvement of quality of life in the State.

To meet this commitment, a convention is organized annually by its member organizations and clubs. In each of these conventions, a theme is developed by these member organizations with a focus and emphasis on the social and economic development of the people in Edo State. The goal is to produce and implement long term solutions to some of the challenges faced by Edo State citizens. Previous solutions by the member organizations include rehabilitation of 10 health centers, donation of 3000 books, furniture, supplies and computer to educational instructions in Edo State.

Since 1992, ENA conventions have established itself as an important forum for policy-makers, scholars, community and business leaders to gather and exchange ideas about one of the most dynamic and diverse State in Nigeria. The convention has continuously brought together an average of three thousand indigenes of Edo State with other people from diverse backgrounds and with keynote speakers coming from the public and private sectors in Nigeria for the 4- day event. In addition, the Convention strives to provide a home away from home for Edo’s of all generations and backgrounds in a culturally and educationally enriching environment.

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