ENAW Member Fund


The Edo National Association Worldwide Members Fund (ENAW- MF) was introduced in accordance with the ENAW objectives as a self-help program to alleviate the financial difficulties experienced within the Edo communities when a community member passes on. With this program, the beneficiary(s) named on the application form will be paid up to a maximum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). The payment will depend on the deceased level of participation at the time of death. He / She must have been enrolled and fulfilled the required yearly financial contribution in accordance with the most current policy guidelines of the ENAW-MF.

This program will curb or at least reduce reliance on impromptu personal levies usually organized to assist bereaved families of ENAW Member Clubs. All active ENAW Member Organization local club members are strongly encouraged to join the ENAW-MF

Benefit Summary

Period of Enrollment


Less than 6 Months


6 to 12 Months Consecutively


12 to 24 Months Consecutively


24 to 36 Months Consecutively


Over 36 Months Consecutively



To be eligible, a prospective candidate for ENAW Members Fund must be a current and active member of a current and up to date ENAW Member Organization.


  • Any prospective contributor to the members fund must submit a completed and signed application form and the $100 (subject to change) fee which is the first-year payment.
  • The President of the applicant’s ENAW member organization must co-sign the application form on behalf of their organization as proof of the applicant’s membership in the presidents ENAW organization.
  • The members fund benefit is not effective until the management boards receives and accept the application form along with the applicable yearly contribution. Upon the acceptance of a contributor’s application form by the management board, an ENAW member’s fund participation certificate will be sent to the contributor. The inception date of the contributor shall be April 30. The application form must be received by the board on or before April 30.
  • A valid ENAW member’s fund certificate of participation must have the name of the contributor, the name of the ENAW member club of the contributor; the contributor’s effective date and the signatures of the management board chairman and secretary.

Management Board

The ENAW- MF Board was instituted by the ENAW Council of Presidents (COP) to oversee all of the member’s fund and to be the sole administrator of the fund. Currently, the board members are:



Mr. Jim Otokiti


Mr. Anthony Omoruyi


Mr. Oduwa Aganmwonyi


Mr. Charles Eke


Mr. Omoruyi Ebomwonyi


Alhaji Chief Anerhu Hamadu


Dr. Charles Kerobo


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